Become WholeSale

If you own a local physical store, e-commerce, or wholesaler, here are some benefits you DO NOT want to miss from us: Become Alien La Vie Exclusive Customer!

● Special Price
You can get almost everything price we have on Alien La (ONLY FOR wholesale accounts)!


● Freight Shipment (Ship in Pallets)
You can get your goods delivered safer with a more cost-effective price, PLUS the more you ship, the more you save on shipping fees!

● Free Samples
Being innovative and being able to create new products are important to all. To request samples, there will be a sample fee, but don't worry, the full amount will be refunded to you upon placing an order! It will greatly reduce your cost of developing new items.

● Business consulting
We provide customized support on almost everything you need for your new business model!  Our professional support team will do our best to lead your way to success!

● Easy Application!
Here are some steps on how to apply for the wholesale account, and what to do afterward:

Step1:Fill out the Application Form online 
Step2:Wait for our representative to qualify. (Waiting time: within 2 days after the application form is submitted.)
Step3:Place your order with our directly.
Step4:Wait for our representative to contact you for business detail (Waiting time: within 2 days after the application form is submitted.)
Step5:Wait for your goods to come to you!

Join Wholesale With Us!!