Q1. Do I need to pay any fees to upload my products?

A1. No, you don't need to pay any additional fees, but your company needs to go through our supplier verification process before they can be listed.


Q2.Why can't I see the prices?

A2.Once you complete the identity verification process, you will be able to see the most competitive prices and place orders.


Q3.How can I request samples?

A3.Samples can be requested individually, but initially, you will need to bear the cost of the product. However, it will be deducted separately after placing the order.


Q4.Can I directly place an order for purchase?

A4.Yes, you can. The prices listed are subject to timely adjustments based on the pricing set by the manufacturer.


Q5.What should I do after placing an order?

A5.After successfully submitting your order, our dedicated team will contact you regarding the order details, including shipping, fees, and payment methods.


Q6.How can I conveniently order the same product repeatedly?

A6.You can use the "Item Purchased" feature in the order section, which displays all the products you have purchased in the past.