Tao Chicken

TAO CHICKEN - DIY Combo Powder for Fried Chicken Cutlet

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SKU Number:V013F001
Type:Non-Frozen Food
MOQ:100 cases

Barcode 4711061940032
Shelf life 12M
Type of diet
Case Package 470g*12pcs
Case Gross Weight 6.2kg
Case Size 34cm x 51cm x 15cm
Case Cuft 0.919
Feature of Product

TAO CHICKEN proudly presents its DIY Combo Powder for Fried Chicken Cutlet, a delightful way to bring the authentic flavors of Taiwanese fried chicken and salt and pepper chicken right to your kitchen. This exceptional combo powder is a result of exclusive secret recipes, combining pickling powder and deep-fried powder to create a finished product that's irresistibly crispy and delicious, accompanied by a fresh and fragrant aroma.

Bringing the essence of Taiwanese night market snacks to your home has never been easier. TAO CHICKEN - DIY Combo Powder for Fried Chicken Cutlet ensures that you can enjoy the same mouthwatering taste and texture that has made Taiwanese fried chicken a beloved culinary classic.

This product simplifies the process of recreating the magic of Taiwanese fried chicken. By using the provided pickling powder and deep-fried powder, you can effortlessly prepare a crispy and flavorful cutlet that captures the essence of street food stalls in Taiwan.Whether you're a fan of Taiwanese cuisine or an adventurer in the world of international flavors, TAO CHICKEN - DIY Combo Powder for Fried Chicken Cutlet offers an authentic and convenient way to satisfy your cravings. Bring the night market experience to your own kitchen and indulge in the deliciousness of this classic Taiwanese dish, all from the comfort of your home.