7.Oyster Noodles

Oyster Noodles, a traditional Taiwanese delicacy, are often served as a snack or street food in night markets. It is a soup-based dish made with vermicelli, oysters, and seasonings.

The main ingredients of oyster vermicelli are oysters and vermicelli, usually accompanied by garlic, tofu, scallions, and other ingredients, as well as seasonings such as chili powder, soy sauce, and vinegar, to enhance the flavor of the soup.

To make oyster vermicelli, the oysters are first washed and then cooked with the seasonings. The vermicelli is soaked in hot water and cooked before being added to the soup to absorb the delicious broth. Finally, it is garnished with scallions and garlic paste and ready to serve.

Oyster vermicelli has a rich flavor, with a delicious broth, smooth vermicelli, and flavorful oysters. Its unique taste and delicious texture have made it one of the favorite Taiwanese snacks for many people. Whether in a night market or restaurant, oyster vermicelli always attracts numerous customers to savor its flavors.